Brewpi avr project setup in atmel studio

Hi there, having a go a playing with the brewpi-avr project in Atmel studio but slightly confused by the setup. I’m running atmel studio 6.2, arduino IDE 1.6.0 and installed the latest visual micro plugin. When I try and build however, it complains that Arduino.h is not found… so I went into the toolchain settings and added the %ARDUINO_HOME%/hardware/arduino/sam/cores/arduino directory (I also have setup ARDUINO_HOME environment variable as the setup guide suggested).

Now atmel studio can find Arduino.h, but failing to find other standard arduino header files like types.h, so I’m guessing I’ve missed a basic setup step somewhere, but not sure where. Any suggestions welcome, thanks!
Using a leonardo arduino board if that helps.

Hi Tim,

Please use our new repository here:

I have just fixed it to compile for AVR again, check the feature/avr-build branch
It has not been merged into develop yet.
This also means that our Arduino users are getting the next update to 0.2.8 and will be as up to date as the spark users (with exception of the awesome TFT touch screen of course).

If you set the processor to atmega32u4, it defaults to building for the Leonardo with a RevC shield.


Awesome thanks for the fast response! I checked out the new firmware repository and the avr-build branch and it’s building fine now.
Unfortunately it’s now giving me an error after it’s built ‘Please select a connected interface and try again’, and brings up the project tool settings but there are no selectable debugger/programmer options in the drop down.
It seems like the project settings ignore what is selected in the visual micro plugin. Maybe I’ve got my AtmelStudio configured wrong…

I would not use the Visual Micro plugin. We are not using ino sketches or the Arduino makefile.

Just upload the hex that you built through the web interface. You don’t have to browse to the file each time, just hit upload.

Alternatively, use avrdude to flash the file. You could add that as a run command.