BrewPi Brewfather Integration

Hi all,

I have a Raspberry Pi (2 Model B) with BrewPi running on it controlling an Arduino Uno and they control my fermentation fridge. I set this up what feels like 10 years ago. It’s served me fine over the years, although the installing of the software was a little over the top of my head. I managed to get it done with a little help of tech mates though.

I’m now using Brew Father and it’d be awesome if my setup could send the fermentation specifics to it so it’s graphed within Brew Father.

How do I do this or is it not possible?

On a separate note, occasionally my Pi loses the correct time and date and multiple times in the past I’ve spent hours and hours trying to resync it. Any suggestions on how to fix that issue?


I’m afraid that I can’t help you here: we no longer support the old BrewPi software.

For its successor, Brewblox, GitHub - robvdw2/brewblox_to_brewfather should still be viable, but this would require a hardware replacement. Support for our software on Arduino ended back in 2017.

On your Pi, you’re facing much of the same issue. I suspect you’re using Raspbian Jessie. Long Term Support for this OS ended in 2020.

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