Brewpi build and proposed wiring - check my work!

Hoping to get some input regarding my proposed brewpi fridge set up. I have my raspberry pi set up in my house and I have my Brewpi set up in my garage and I can access the web interface and it is currently logging data from temperature probes just fine! OK, so now actually putting it to use in my fridge…

I envision this set up as a step above using two Powerswitch Tails, as I am hoping to house the two SSRs and outlets for my fridge and heater in one project box ( The box will have a cutout for the outlet openings obviously.The below schematic with said project box is obviously not to scale…I just wanted to communicate my thought process for “what connects to what”. There are many ways to run wires and probes from one place to the next…and if you have suggestions on how to do this more efficiently thats fine…but I’m really just interested in feedback on whether or not this will be functional. Most schematics I’ve seen are either oversimplified or more complex than this using Arduino. I don’t want to hack out the thermostat in my fridge or have to mess with any of the existing fridge wirings.

Any help would be much appreciated!


I think that looks allright. Based on the image of your heater, please don’t get a ‘Lasko space heater’, which is often recommended by others. 200W is too much for a small fridge. Lower power 50-100 is safer and works better.

I have this exact setup only with the older Arduino version + Raspi. It works great and I love it. I’m using a low profile chest freezer and my heat source is a heating belt wrapped around the carboy. What are your guys thoughts on that setup? Is a small space heater better? Thanks!

Thanks so much for this diagram. I’ll give this a try. I think these should be on the wiki showing different build scenarios.

Agreed about adding this type of diagrams in the wiki!.

Just build a box following this diagram, not sure why both cooler and heater outlets are always turned on, any ideas?

Hi Elco, Could you please provide a link to a 50-100w suitable heater?

These are what I use:

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I have these as well.

Please replace the screws with RVS ones, because of the originals will start to rust.

happy brewing!


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Ok - I’m retiring my old go-to Arduino / chest freezer in favor of the new BrewBlox setup using this wiring diagram (Minus what looks like a fan)…wish me luck. I will miss you Arduino…you have served me well but it’s time to move on…

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By the way, as a heat source I use a low wattage brew belt around the carboy. Works great.

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