BrewPi Fermentation Fridge finished (eventually)

I finally got round to finishing my BrewPi controller build, fitting it to my fermentation fridge and getting it ready for use. I’ve used a simple TC10 controller for years, but am now looking forward to improved control with the BrewPi. First brew on Saturday…

The finished controller. I have a small 320x240 LCD display on the Raspberry Pi, and added a mini page to see what is happening!

I fitted a plug socket inside the fridge so I could put my shaker table inside the fridge to have a more controlled environment when making yeast starters (my brewery is in the cellar and very cold)

I made a new stainless steel shelf for the fridge with a small fan to circulate the air.

I fitted a long thermowell to my fermenter for beer temeprature monitoring.

The screen, with Tilt Hydrometer integrated.

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24 hours into the first fermentation and I am super impressed! It is holding the beer temperature rock steady. Thanks Elco for a great product!