BrewPi is acting weird

Hello Everyone!
I’ve brewed successfully twice with my BrewPi, and it worked out great. I recently moved apartments, and things are not the same. It will stay warm, and if I reset it, it acts normal for a short time. A few days ago, I switched to a “fridge constant” temp, and that seemed to help slightly. The temperature has been set the same the entire time, but it’s just not staying steady. The fridge temp is always running warmer. When I had it on “Beer Profile” mode, it was supposed to be on a 4 degree decline for two weeks, about two degrees a week, starting at 72 degrees. Any ideas where to start would be great…I’m a few weeks from finishing the second chamber, so I could replace everything with it at the same time if needed. This is running from Arduino and RaspberryPi.

Currently set to Fridge Constant:

Previously set to Beer Constant:

Previously set to Beer Profile:

I only lowered the temperature a degree(two half degree increments noted at D & F), and this is what’s going on now:

Switched the cables for the actuators?

I’ll double check that. I didn’t unplug anything when I moved, so it should all be in the same spot…not to say that it didn’t become unplugged somehow. I’m a week away from bottle conditioning this brew, and it was very sporadic temperatures, running up and down between 10 degrees. I’ll check that over the next day or two and make sure that the cables are all where they should be.

A zoomed in part of the chart will tell us a lot more.
You have set it to fridge constant and it seems to managing the fridge temperature just fine. You cooler however seems to affect the beer a lot more than the heater. That’s a physics problem. BrewPi, especially the deprecated arduino version, expects to cool the beer via the fridge air, not directly.

You can also look at increasing the idle ranges and/or dead times to see if you can prevent alternating so quickly between heating and cooling.