BrewPI Maxi 310 Control

Hi @Elco

I’ve recently changed my fermentation control setup.

Previously BrewPi Spark V2 controlling fermentation fridge with tube heater. Fridge Temperature chamber probe, Beer Temperature Probe and Room Temperature probe. Second fridge with tube heater controlled by Inkbird. SS Brewtech Chronical Brewmaster edition fermenters in each of the fridges.

My new setup involves a Glycol converted Maxi 310 cooler(swapped to this setup to make some room in brewing garage by removal of two upright fridges), using the python pump to pump Glycol out of two lines to Ball Valve Electronic valves and a loop back to continually circulate glycol when ball valves are not open(three way splitter on both the python out and return) . Belt Heaters wrapped around the Chronicals. Inkbirds switching on the ball valves or belt heaters depending on temperature set-point.

Now I obviously have my Spark V2 which at the moment is sitting unused since the change in setup. What I’m interested to know is if I could use the Spark V2 to control the ball valves and heat belt instead of the Inkbirds. Obviously aware that multi fermenter control is not finished yet, but just interested in you’re views on how best to utilise Spark v2 to control fermentation even if it’s just on one fermenter at present.

Obviously ideal scenario would be to control both fermenters via Spark v2.

Many thanks


What kind of valves do you use? Controlling both is not yet possible, but one should be fine.

Think they are the 240v versions of these

I noticed you guys sell ball valves so may consider them if it makes things easier! :slight_smile:

You could just switch them with an SSR then.

To set up the brewpi to work without a fridge temperature, set beer-to-fridge Kp, Ti and Td to zero. Then just assign a beer sensor.

You probably want settings similar to this:

Heater1: Kp = 30, Td = 0, Ti = 7200. PWM period = 10.
Cooler1: Kp = 5, Td = 0, Ti = 7200. PWM period = 600, minimum ON time = 10, minimum OFF time = 10.

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