BrewPi Noob has some questions and comments

Hey all,

I have had my chamber built and working with the BrewPi Spark V3 for a little over 2 months now. I really had no issue getting everything up and talking to each other. I have ran some tests such as setting a fridge constant, beer constant, and a test profile over a week. The chamber seems to work fine and I made some changes to the settings without actually knowing what I was doing. Where I work we use chambers to stress components to extremes using similar methods but I just don’t feel confident.

I searched through the documentation and didn't find any suggestions on how to calibrate the chamber to prevent over/under shoot or just plain inefficiency. The chamber seems to be working well temperature wise but has been heating for awhile now (maybe because its cold here).Any help is greatly appreciated.

On another note this is a great product and I waited patiently for the Spark v3 to come out and I could not be more pleased with it. I saw a few negative remarks for wanting more but haven’t offered any sort of development help and once I get the spark working for what it was intended for (temperature control) and learn more about how it works I plan on helping in development because there is a great potential for what it can provide.

It looks like it doesn’t need much tweaking. It is heating continuously because that’s apparently needed. Note that this is heating at maybe 5% power. Just enough to offset the temperature losses to the environment.

Thanks for the kind words and offer to help!