Brewpi On Brewtroller board V3.3

Hello all. Having recently discovered the Brewpi system, I’m interested in repurposing a brewtroller board v3.3 currently running in a fermtroller configuration. The brewtroller is sanguine based with the 644p chip I believe so I’m hoping that this won’t be too big a job? Has anybody looked at this before? Any words of wisdom/advice? I could just buy an arduino and replace the brewtroller board, but it would be nice to have the choice :smile:

Many thanks for any help or advice.

Just in case anybody is interested in following this I’ll keep posting progress here.
So far I’ve installed Atmel Studio 6.2 and downloaded and installed the sanguine add on. I’ve also managed to download and configure the brewpi source for the sanguine and removed the display and encoder from the build. The brewtroller system I’m reusing does have a 20x4 display and an encoder but I thought I’d start with the minimal build.
The system builds in Atmel studio but I’m yet to try an upload to the brewtroller.
I’ve also ordered an arduino uno to play with as well… just as a point of reference.