BrewPi performance/stability when internet connection lost or power outage?

Hey Y’all,

I was curious what happens when the RPi looses internet connectivity. I have everything running but every now and then my wifi drops for a short time. I’m really not too worried about it but was curious to know what happens to the data log. Will it just show a blank spot in the graph for the time internal of the lost connectivity? Will the data be logged onto the Spark and then uploaded to the UI once connection is reestablished?

Also, in the case of a power outage, when power is restored, will it continue on fermenting at the last set temperature? It doesn’t reset anything correct?

FYI- Running the newest Spark and RPi


WiFi is only used to access the web interface. The logging of data is performed via the USB link between the BrewPi Spark and Raspberry Pi and doesn’t require connection to your home network.

A unexpected interruption to power to the Raspberry Pi can corrupt the file system. There is an uninterrupted power supply you can get for the Raspberry Pi that will trigger the Pi to shutdown gracefully on power loss that has been posted on the forum before. Could be a good idea if power is unreliable.

Power loss to the Spark should not cause any issues and it should return to it’s previous state when power is restored (well that’s what happens with the Arduino version anyway).

Thanks @Dan. Exactly what I thought. I only asked about the power because it actually happened last night. Can’t remember the last time it happened though.

Is the whole beer profile transfered to the brewpi, so it can change temperature over time on its own, or is it depended of new set points from the raspberry pi (in order to follow a beer profile that changes temperature over time)?

No the beer profile is updated continuously from the Raspberry Pi to the Spark so if the connection between them is broken the Spark will just control to the last set point.