BrewPi Rev C Eagle Files

Since the Rev C shields are end of life, Can we get the eagle files for the Rev C shield? I’ll move to the spark in time but I am trying to get something working with the Arduino now.


You don’t necessarily need a shield to make a brewpi controller. It all depends on the nature of what you are controlling.

I agree that I don’t need a shield to get the BrewPi working and I have done so. I would like to take my system to a more professional level. It would save me some time to get the existing Eagle files instead of my drawing them again from scratch.

Here is the latest Eagle files I can find for the shield… I just have a few of these made up:!7697&authkey=!AI0HSZ9pblspuL8&v=3&ithint=photo%2Cpng


I am with you on that. The board that I ordered already had the wire soldered to the rotary/LCD board and that wire broke at the connection. Well Story short, I messed the board up trying to fix it. So now I am crap out of luck and cant control my brew without having it connected to a TV. This really sticks. I would just order another one but I cant. Now if I had the Eagle files then I could have one reprinted and can be on my way.

The one that Zapbbx posted is for the rev A I think. I need the one for revC

I agree this would be nice to have for those of us not ready to switch. Or at least the picture of the schematic that used to be available on the shop’s site.

Hear hear - the Spark looks great, but many folks have some semblance of the parts already lying around. I know I for one have the Arduino, the Pi, and the LCD already in my box, and likely a few of the other parts as well. I know the DIY version of the Rev A is still on the blog, which is probably what I’ll have to end up doing, but would REALLY like to put something together that looks somewhat professional, since my soldering skills are sketchy at best!

Agreed. It seems the png and pin mapping that is quoted all over is no longer on the site. Does anyone have the PNG saved? I am troubleshooting some issues that I hope are just caused by a few missing components.

Managed to find them by searching cached websites. Still would be nice to have them easier to access.

Did you find the Rev a or rev c files?

RevC. Four actuator outputs and etc. :slight_smile:

But it is only the png of the schematic…not the eagle files

I would like to respond on this thread again. Since the RevC shield is not being made anymore, can we get the eagle files to recreate it for personal use. I would like to get another one printed so I can fix my broke one. I know I can DIY but why recreate the wheel when the files are created. I still plan on purchasing the new product once all features are complete (Herms/Ferm/Mash/etc). Please share!

I am very interested in seeing schematics as well.