BrewPi RevC Uno Screen not working


So I finally have my brew Pi set up for testing and I am running into a issue with my LCD screen not populating text. The LCD screen that I have is from amazon :
it is a RioRand™ LCD Module for Arduino 20 x 4, White on Blue. The screen turns on but it doesn’t display any text. Is there something that I am doing wrong?

Please help.


Some pertinent information would be nice. Like is it connected to a brewpi shield or a homemade one? What wires go where? Etc etc

I have the RevC shield for the Uno. I am running/installed the LCD screen as shown in the install instructions via brewPi. The screen comes on and the Alarm beeps as supposed to but just no txt I will look at the wiring to make sure its correct.

Okay I am loosing my mind… HAHAHA I forgot to adjust the contrast on the back of the shield. Never mind its working now.