Brewpi spark 3.0 room temp sensor [SOLVED]

Hello to everyone. I just got my new brewpi spark 3.0, followed the how-to-getting-started guide, and I’m nearly ready to brew. I’ve just a rapid question, which i rlly couldnt solve alone. When configuring devices, I can’t set my third temperature probe to just show the room temperature (I’ve already succesfully configured other two probes for monitoring beer temp and fridge temp). Reading the documentation I found it should be possible simply through the maintenaince panel–device configuration, but the room temperature function does not appear.

Room temp has been replaced by Log1, Log2, and Log3. I don’t think the room temp ever did anything other than provide an interesting data point. The Logs are a more generic name and there’s more of them.

Ok, understood. Thank you very much!