BrewPi Spark 3 - won't enter listening mode

I’ve just upgraded to a spark 3 but cannot get it to enter “listening” mode. No matter how long I hold the “setup” button for the light does not change and it doesn’t move past the hardware test screen.

Any ideas?

To check whether it is a problem with the hardware button, can you hold the button while you plug in power?
Do you get a purple flashing LED and then a yellow flashing LED (bootloader)?

I have tried holding the setup button while powering up and while pressing reset with no luck. No matter what I do the light does not change.

Okay, it must be a hardware fault then. I can repair or swap it for you if you send it back.
It should fit a thin package that’s cheap to ship if you only send back the main unit the bubble bag. The enclosure is only 28mm high.

Please send us an e-mail to handle the details.

Thanks for your help Elco, got it into listening mode and connected to my wifi but now I have another issue. Maybe something I am missing.

I have set a static IP in my router and see that IP on the controller but when i set the port on my server to that IP it cannot connect. Logs on the server say opening the port socket timed out. Works fine when I plug it in to my server by usb.

Another thing to note is that I get no response when pinging the IP when on wifi but I do when connected by USB.

I know I’m responding to myself but in case anyone else has the same issue I found that all I had to do was change the wifi channel on my router to a set channel and I could ping and connect to the controller no worries. All is working fine now :grinning:

I think this is a bug in the particle firmware and @mdma is looking into it. Switching WiFi channels can cause a disconnect and can get the WiFi stack in an erroneous state. Setting a static channel will help.