BrewPi Spark for meat curing chamber

I would like to turn a second fridge into a meat curing chamber with a OneWire expansion board. The setup needs to be slightly different as temperature and humidity are important. Is it possible to use and monitor a hygrometer to measure humidity as well as control a humidifier?

Many thanks in advance for any help and thoughts!

Reading a hygrometer like the DH22 will require a local microcontroller. The BrewPi Spark has OneWire and RS-485 for communicating with sensors.

Unfortunately, OneWire AD-converters have been discontinued.

So your best bet would be to have a local microcontroller read the DH22 and talk to the main controller over RS-485.

here is a 4 port ad 1wire adapter that may be hacked, at on 16 bucks it may be worth it. are you going to do charcuterie ?
I have wanted to get in to salami making for some time.

alternative to the DS2459
Dallas DS2450 emulation with Tiny AVR

this may also be of some use to both of you.
this guys appear to be running a humidity sensor off of a 1 wire battery monitoring chip , it has a temp sensor and analog inputs <— 1wire temp with AD inputs <---- humidity sensor

First, thank you both for the quick answers! @ClaytonRoss, thanks so much for the information and yes, this will be for charcuterie!

@Elco will the device in the link below work without an extra microcontroller? I would like to keep this as simple as possible, if possible. Any feedback you might have would be fantastic.

Thanks again to you both!

Looks like it could work if you:

  • Put on a new the RJ12 plug, because the pinout is different
  • Add software support to the firmware, specifically, add a class for the DS2438

Especially the second step is not trivial.

Hello, I was wondering if you could integrate the moisture sensor in the Brewpi with the Spark control? I want to use the fridge as a maturing room for cheese. Which sensor did you use and what did you adjust in the controller?


Bart Peeraer