BrewPi Spark not auto discovered

Good Afternoon Guys,

My BrewPi Spark showed up and I finally got around to setting it up, I had been running a simulation on my RaspberryPi 4. The Spark is connected via usb to my rPi4 and rPi4 is using a power supply.

The issue I am having now is after removing the simulated Spark and all blocks and dashboards my web interface does not auto discover the physical Spark. Also I notice on my Spark screen 6 empty boxes a USB icon and in upper left and 61% 70% in upper right corner. Also have a blue light in upper left corner of case front.

I have also plugged in 1 temp probe but do not see it anywhere either.

I have tried brewblox-ctl add-spark and I noticed the blue light slowly pulses but i get the message… ‘No devices discovered… no valid combination of device ID and device host.’

I’m sure I missed a step or should just start over, but any ideas as to what may be wrong would be helpful.


UPDATE: I followed the Remove and Reinstall from scratch instructions here…

The result is my spark was auto discovered now but the service is telling me the following:
Service not connected to controller

Handshake not performed

Service not synchronized

Your Spark service is online, but not connected to your controller.

  • Is your controller turned on? YES
  • Does your controller have the correct firmware? YES
  • WiFi: Does your controller display its IP address? NO
  • Are there any error messages in your service logs? idk ( )
  • USB: Your service must have been (re)started after plugging in the USB cable.
  • USB: Can your service access USB devices? (Mac hosts)

Try a different usb cable, and another. This is almost always the cause.