BrewPi Spark not logging profile data

Hi everyone… I’m in the process of my first brew with the BrewPi Spark and I’m running into a strange issue - I’m able to create and execute beer profiles which run just fine with my setup, however the web interface cycles between “Script not running” and “Script running” every five seconds and I’m not able to log data… is this an issue anyone else has experienced and may possibly have a work around?

Are you using safari? I do not know what causes this yet, but the web interface loosing connection with the script seems to happen only on Safari.

Regarding not logging temperature data: you have stopped data logging. Click ‘None’ to start a new data set.

Thanks! I’ll try this when I get home tonight - I’m sure it will work

Sorry I’m sure this is an easy fix as well, but when attempting to start a new data set I receive the error “Could not receive reply from script”

Are you still using Safari? Could you try Chrome?

Hi Elco - actually, I powered off everything and it worked fine when it rebooted!

Hi Elco. Sorry to revive a dead thread, but 4 years later, I got this exact error as well. Viewing the logs, I see:

Aug 29 2019 21:24:17 Socket error(32): Broken pipe
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/home/brewpi/", line 578, in
error: [Errno 32] Broken pipe

I am using Chrome.

Simply closing the browser tab and opening it again fresh fixed the problem, but I figured I’d give you a few more data points on this, maybe it can help you track down some bug that could be affecting other things as well.

Belgian Tripel tomorrow! And I got my new Photon chip installed, it works like a charm. Thanks again for everything!

I’m not going to fix any bugs in BrewPi anymore, because BrewBlox will fully replace it and is almost out of beta.