BrewPi Spark Touchscreen?

I was just wondering whether or not the BrewPi Spark 3 has a touchscreen like the earlier model?

If so does this touchscreen currently have any functionality? For example, I would like to be able to change the setpoint by just interacting with the BrewPi as opposed to the BrewBlox web server (as my WiFi connectivity can be a bit patchy at times)


It is a touchscreen, but without functionality.

I’ll make a note of the request. So far we hadn’t gotten the impression touch support would be used much.

It would also be quite useful for switching the fridge light on and off

It has a touch screen and we are not using its potential. That’s purely due to lack of time to implement it so far. I want to add some simple functionality to the touch screen like modifying a setpoint or toggling an actuator.

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If it is touch capable it could very well serve as switches I.e for pump or heating elements on/off.

That’s exactly what I envisioned as well.