BrewPi Spark Touchscreen?

I was just wondering whether or not the BrewPi Spark 3 has a touchscreen like the earlier model?

If so does this touchscreen currently have any functionality? For example, I would like to be able to change the setpoint by just interacting with the BrewPi as opposed to the BrewBlox web server (as my WiFi connectivity can be a bit patchy at times)


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It is a touchscreen, but without functionality.

I’ll make a note of the request. So far we hadn’t gotten the impression touch support would be used much.

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It would also be quite useful for switching the fridge light on and off

It has a touch screen and we are not using its potential. That’s purely due to lack of time to implement it so far. I want to add some simple functionality to the touch screen like modifying a setpoint or toggling an actuator.

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If it is touch capable it could very well serve as switches I.e for pump or heating elements on/off.

That’s exactly what I envisioned as well.

Yes it would help quite a bit. A power level for heater and pump speed slider would be great as well.

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Didn’t know it was a touch screen.
Would be awesome to turn pumps on/off.

Touch screen functionality will be expanded a lot soon. An intern is doing his bachelor thesis on this subject.

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It would be amazing to be able to turn on and off blocks kr change temperatures. Can’t wait!