BrewPi Spark v2 - Can this be used with BrewBlox?

Or should I just use the normal BrewPi software?


Yes, Brewblox supports the Spark v2, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

I have it connected to the rpi, and following the instructions to flash but it says “Please connect a single Spark over USB, and press ENTER” so I wonder if I’m missing something

It shows that message if it can’t find a Spark connected over USB. Often, the problem is with the cable, and it’ll work with a different cable.

You can check connected USB devices by running lsusb on your Pi. A Spark v2 will show up as ID 2b04:c006.

It’s being powered by the rpi but I shall try another cord. Thanks!

So this is what it says I’m running:
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 1d50:607d OpenMoko, Inc. Spark Core Arduino-compatible board with WiFi

And I still get the same warning message.

“Spark Core” suggests you’re using a Spark v1. It can be upgraded to a Spark v2 by replacing the chip, but support for the v1 itself was dropped some years back.

I’ll have a look in a bit whether I can dig up the vid:pid of the spark v1 to confirm. In the mean time, are there any markings on the board or case that indicate a model?

chip just says Spark Core v1.0 on it

And I looked back at my receipt from 2016 (so long ago) which says Spark v2, so I’m a bit confused now.


The vendor ID / product ID also matches that of a Core. I really can’t say whether this is the result of a mixup during shipping, or that you have a Spark v1 and a Spark v2 both.

The v1 and v2 have the same peripherals - the big difference is the chip, with the v1 having a Particle Core, and the v2 having a Particle Photon.

Do you know where I can purchase a new chip?

Depending on location, Amazon may have some, otherwise your local equivalent web store. for example.

What does it say on the green PCB? You can also share a photo if you want.

As luck would have it, I had purchased an Electron start from the Kickstarter back in 2018, I had also got a Particle with the order so I was able to swap out that and got everything up and working.

Thank you again for the help here and in Discord!