Brewpi Spark v2 won't chooch

Hi All,
Just plugged my Brewpi Spark v2 with a couple of probes and I get nothing. Screen doesn’t light up; nothing.

● 12v 2.5A power supply from (Cat No. MP3490) ;
● 2 temp probes from the Brewpi Store.
● Of course, the Brewpi Spark v2.

I have opened it up to see any any obvious signs of a problem but I did not find one, but then again I am no expert.

I also tried to power the spark via the micro USB connector and again nothing.

Any ideas what the issue may be?

I did buy it over 12 months ago and it has been sitting in a box until this weekend, but that should not have caused this sort of issue…should it?

Anyway, any advice greatly appreciated.


What is the color of the LED? On the Spark v2 its behind the middle hole at the back.
Does the backlight of the display light up?

Hi Elco,

There are no lights on the Spark and no signs of life on the screen.

I tested the power supply and it was putting out a steady 12.18v so that shouldn’t have caused the problem.

I guess it doesn’t matter now, I purchased a new one which you have just shipped.

I hope I have more luck with the new one.



Hi Elco,

Just received my Brewpi Spark 3, thanks.

Will the power supply listed above be okay with the Spark 3?