BrewPi Spark V3: production progress

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Hi Guys, We’re getting closer to the release of the BrewPi Spark V3, but it has taken a bit longer than I originally planned. The BrewPi Spark V2 has been out of stock since March. In this posts, I’d like to share some photos of the production process so you get an idea of what’s…


Wow! Exciting stuff! Glad to see the project is moving forward, both on hardware and software. The casing looks great, can’t wait to break my v2! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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i got my credit card ready

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Can’t wait Elco! So we can expect these for sale on June 12?

Looks GREAT!

You say that you are switching from the photon to the P1. Seems like the hardware is pretty similair. But just to be sure, will the “old” Spark v2 still be supported with new software and firmware?

Best of luck with the release! :beers:

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Yes, they are expected to be ready half June.

Yes, it’s a slightly different package of the same chip. The software will be mostly the same.

Can’t wait! I’ve been ready to buy this for a while. :slight_smile: Now I can almost count the number of brews I’ll make before I get this.

How’s it looking for release date?


New to the game and looking forward to diving in!

Given the backorder on V2, I’m holding out for the V3 - Can’t wait! I’ll be on the list! Anything we can do as a community to assist you?

The injection mould had to be modified after making the first prototypes of the casing. This took a bit more time than I expected.

I have to postpone the release to July 1.


Thanks for the update @Elco. I guess I can ease back on the F5 key for a couple more weeks. :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear you are taking the time to make sure everything is the way you want it. Looking forward to getting my first BrewPi.

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Hi Elco,
Any chance I can get the V3 without the case? I really want to get my “hacked fridge” up and running…

Hi Matt,

It will not be available without the case. The casing is essential to keep the display in place.

Ok - standing by with all the rest of the crowd!

Just found this site, very exciting! Just wondering what kind of price you are expecting to V3 to run at? And is there likely to be enough volume early on or are you phasing production?


Elco - I’ve got everything in place except the Spark. Fridge is hacked, SSRs installed and wired, Pi with cool little 5 in touch screen set up, Are you close or should I just buy an Arduino and get started?