Brewpi SparkV2 number of 1-Wire interfaces

how many 1-Wire master interfaces does the SparkV2 have and what is the part number would like to see some specs for distance / noise ect, I see 4 ports but are there 4 interfaces? I know 1-wire can handle many many devices , just want to know.

I just ordered one and am going to start out by converting my 3 big coolers all over, to run on it in my shop/brewery.
Going to set up a star network with 3 runs coming out of the Pi one for each cooler (SSRs via DS2413, and 3 temp sensors DS18B20) , using good quality cable what is some of the total distances achieved ? star /linear /stub . anyone needed to add terminators ?

It’s just one OneWire master. All 4 ports are connected internally.

You only ordered a controller, but if you order temp sensors and our SSR board (which has a DS2413 on it), you can just plug hem all in. One SSR board per fridge.

The software is not ready yet to handle multiple coolers, but I am working on it.