Brewpi Store / Pump for HRMS


I was looking to buy the HRMS Coil together with the 24V Pump, but I just notice thet the pump is out of stock.
Somebody knows it is gonna be available again?


I actually still have 2 left and have updated the stock.

I can’t believe it, I saw your message but I wasn’t at home, and now I came to buy and they are already gone!! I really can’t believe.
Anyway, thank you Elco, for posting it.

And, again, are they gonna be available again?

Yes, I’d like to know this as well. It’s been sold out for a very long time, any plans to get new stock?

I don’t plan to bring the 0-5V controlled pump back, only the PWM controlled pump.

I designed a new control board for it, but the prototype had a design error. With all the work around BrewBlox I just haven’t found the time to fix it.

Ah, OK - thanks for the info. I should be able to deal with PWM on the pump I think - will need to check.

What will the control board do - same as the 0-5V one?

Yes, it will be a manual knob that can override a digital PWM signal coming from the controller.

Hi Elco,

Any update on the controller? Alternatively, can you recommend a different (hardware based) controller?


I have redesigned it, but have not yet soldered the prototype. Too many things got in between, sorry.
I designed the new board to have a small display for the speed, analog and PWM output to support both models and touch key controls for on/off and speed up/down. But before I have soldered and programmed the new version, a few more weeks will have passed.

If you have the older model with 0-5V input, a simple potmeter would work.