Brewpi stuck waiting to cool

Started a new brew. Set the Brewpi to “Beer constant” at C. The GUI is not collecting data and the LCD display sits at, “waiting to cool.” How can I fix this?

Sounds like you are using the Arduino version. It has a hard coded minimum OFF time and a minimum time for switching between heating and cooling. Once this minimum time has passed, it should start cooling.

What is that minimum time? The LCD display has read, “wait to cool 00m03” for more than a day. It’s not plotting data either.

That sounds like there is no connection with the Arduino. I thought you meant an actual hardware display.

Try rebooting the Pi and power cycling the Arduino.
Also check for any error messages in the log files.

Sorry for the confusion. Not a physical display, but the “LCD screen” on the web interface. I reset the power (unplugged the entire unit, then plugged it back in) and that didn’t help. I booted up just the Pi, then the Arduino, and it is not working properly. Obviously there’s an order of operations that I didn’t fully appreciate.

Problem solved. Thank you so much for the great product and help!