BrewPi update - should I?

I have had my BrewPi running well for about a year. It uses an Arduino controlling SSRs, an old freezer and a fan heater. This setup has worked well through about 8 batches of beer and I monitor them when remote using an OpenVPN connection to the BrewPi. I have no problems with the setup but I was wondering whether I should update the BrewPi or Arduino software.

I don’t want to break something that is working well, but at the same time I feel like I should stay current with the latest software and features.

I can’t seem to identify what software versions I am running from the Maintenance Panel, but it was the current version in January 2017.

Thanks for a great product and a great support network in this forum,

Oakland NJ, USA

If you are running on an Arduino, the answer is simple: you have the latest version for Arduino, because we stopped releasing for Arduino in 2015.

Thanks Elco. Does that apply for the Arduino software only, or also for the BrewPi software running on the Raspberry Pi Uno itself?


Some changes are backported to the legacy branch, but not often. There are no new features, because they need updated firmware on the controller too. If the system is working fine, you should probably just leave it.

Thanks very much for the timely and clear answer Elco!