Brewpi web server

Whats is the easiest way to view the brewpi web server from another location outside the home? If that is possible.

Depending on your router/modem you need to open up your a port typically port 80

once you’ve opened it up Google what’s my ip it’ll bring up something different to the 192.168.x.x you may be used to.

Then the the two together in your web browser IPaddress:80 the : is important

I’m sure someone could explain that more eloquently, but remember if you do open it up so you can reach it from outside your home wifi you might want consider making some changes to the web interface, there are some instructions on that somewhere but I can seem to find the most recent one that works, if I can I’ll post it.

Principles to open up RPI on the web

Making web interface password protected look at post I don’t want to post the link but go to home brewers forum search for cheap Brewpi and look at post 2683

I have been able to look at it on the local host. but i wanted to port forward it so i can see it away from home. That is where its getting tricky for me. Tried the raspberrypi webserver but i must have screwed something up cause it didnt work.
What forum? I can’t seem to locate what you are referencing.

This is the post he’s referring to.

Thanks, that seems a little scary for my noob brain even tho its spelled out a couple of things go over my head. I wish I understood more about coding.

I’m in the same boat as you, just cut and paste the various commands in which is all I did.

The router part is easy and if you’re not planning to email people a link to Brewpi you’ll probably be ok without setting up a password.

I want to try and do this now that i have brushed up on some code confusion, But i cant get my netgear wnr2000v2 router to port forward. I have been all over the web trying to figure it out. Im sure its something simple but just beyond my knowledge.

Have a look at 5.6 of the attached document

You’ll need to know the IP address of your pi

Ok so i did all that already i reserved my rpi ipaddress and setup the port on 80 but how do i know if its working i tried using canuseeme but when i click to check that port it gives me and error. I am a DIY’er and badly want to understand this and do it myself.

With mine all I do is type http://82.xx.xx.xx:80 and it takes me to my Brewpi page perhaps there are additional settings you need to tweak in your router to get it to work? Its unlikely that it will be the pi.

Also what’s the error? I just used can you see me and it just says my ISp isn’t blocking port 80

Well I just got off the phone with my online providers premium service and he was nice enough to tell me a few things without charging me. So I have a modem in front of my wireless router. Which he says some people have problems with when trying to port because the outside sees it first and it has its own port forwarding service. It also has isp address that canuseeme is giving me. so its not seeing the router at all. He said I may need to bridge my modem to my router to let the router take over all there services. Which I’m not 100% sure how to do. In less words. Some DSL modems come pre-configured and are initially setup to act like a stand alone router or firewall.

Ok bridged my modem! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. Checked canuseeme, its seeing me and my ports no longer blocked.

Also for anyone else trying this. Some ISPs block port 80 traffic. Next time you might find it easier to forward your internal 80 ports to some obscure port on the outside. You may not have to “bridge” your modem next time.

i understand that but it is easier to manage my router then my modem and my isp was from my modem and not my router which was confusing for me. Its a learning experience for me.

Yeah and every router I’ve ever had was able to forward ports past the modem without any problem. Unless I tried port 80 or 8080.

Well I can get to my brewpi via the internet now, but I can only get to it on port 80 not any another port. Im not sure what I need to do to fix that.

That’s how it’s supposed to be, even you want to make changes to it I.e ssh in you Need to open another port 20? For that. I’m guessing it’s a security thing

Port forwarding takes the internal port (i.e. 80) and forwards it to an external port (i.e. Any port you want.