Brewpi with twin cooling/separate evaporator

Really hoping someone can give some advice on this. I would like to buy a samsung side by side fridge with separate evaporators in the fridge and freezer, the goal would be to have the fridge side for fermentation and the freezer side for serving (kegs). Has anyone hacked one of these and is it possible to have the brewpi control the diverter valve to the fridge evaporator. Im really concerned that the fridge may have too much smarts and send the temp pcb into fault if it fails to control the valve (causing the compressor to go into fault or control of the freezer/fans to shutdown). The other beauty of this would be the possibility of using the fridge defrost heater to heat the chamber.

I went with a pigeon pair instead and im using the defrost element for the heating. is it possible to have brewpi cycle the chamber heater on for a period each day so that I dont ice up the evaporator when crash chilling or lagering?
Would the solution for this be to add high set point spikes in my temp profile to activate the heater? Considering a beer temp constant of 5 degrees does anyone know how often this would be required?