Broke my web interface (just a bit)

I was (foolishly) playing around with the web page (without backing it up first - school boy error) and seem to have broken something.
Now, it is hardly critical, but it is annoying.
I’ve tried comparing what I have against the baseline code from github, but have not come up with what is wrong or what it takes to fix it.
Any advice would be appreciated.

As you can see in the screenshot, I’ve managed to screw up the chart legend.

Git can tell you exactly what changed:

git status
git diff

To store your changes and revert:

git stash

To get them back:

git stash pop

To discard them:

git reset --hard

As always, thanks for the reply.
Here’s what I got from git status:
Here’s what I got from git diff:

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean much to me.
My webpath is /var/www/html as I followed modifications to do the restricted access to the page for remote viewing.

So, it only seems to be screwed up in Chrome.

You are not running the commands in /var/www/html