Builder Layout deleted

I originally setup my Brewblox using the Fermentation Fridge Wizard. Everything was working great. Today I managed to delete everything under “Builder Layouts” (in other words, I deleted my ferment fridge ‘carboy’ from Processes page. Is there any way to get that back without starting all over with the Wizard again?

Assuming you’re using the spark service “spark-one”, you can import this in the Builder page -> three dots in sidebar -> import layout:
brewblox-Ferment Layout-layout.json (1.5 KB)

If your blocks or service have a different name, you’ll see errors pop up, and you’ll have to edit the parts to change service name.

OK, import sucessful!..but as you mentioned I need to edit parts/links (I have 4 red exclamation marks). I swear I clicked on everything I could find and I can’t figure out how to edit the links.
For example, it says “Block ‘Ferment Fridge Setting’ was not found. Use the editor to change the link.”. I can’t find the editor.

You can go to the Builder page from the sidebar. Then pick the “Edit Settings” tool, and click on all parts showing a red exclamation mark.

OK, I got it, I was in there a bunch of times before but I couldn’t get it to edit anything. I now realize I had to highlight the exclamation mark (or the part) first, then click Edit Settings to get a popup so I could edit. My screen isn’t great so I didn’t even notice that something was being highlighted, therefore nothing happened when I hit “Edit Settings”.

Thanks for your help, Bob!

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