Builder settings for different parts

Why do only certain parts have the option for some settings. For example you can’t adjust the size of a conical or add a color but you can for a carboy? Also size settings for certain displays?

Complex elements are usually non-resizeable because they’d look terrible if stretched in width or height.
Carboy sizing was a bit borderline already - the curves leading to the neck get weird if you make it broader.
I added an issue to the backlog for adding a size slider that preserves width*height. It’s one of those things we discussed in passing.

The answer to your actual question typically is “because we haven’t gotten around to it yet”.

Dev time is split between fixing bugs, implementing planned new features, refactoring old code with latest insights, and implementing small requests.
Slapping a transform="scale(sizeX / defaultSizeX, sizeY / defaulteSizeY)" property on the carboy SVG qualified as “small request”. Automatically recalculating the Lauterhexe curve lines to allow visual stretching also is on the backlog, but takes too much time to squeeze in as a filler feature.

Ok, I understand. Didn’t realize it was that complex. Being able to make the different displays larger would the biggest benefit for me. My eyes probably aren’t the greatest, Currently it is hard to read when looking at the UI on my laptop.

Scaling should be in there soon’ish - the next few releases will include a lot of small improvements like that.

For now, you could also scale your entire browser using ctrl +. That may help with legibility.

Great, thanks! I will look out for the updates. Speaking of which.

I did yesterdays update and the changes appear to have worked. But I got an error trying to flash the firmware. I got the same error when I initially installed Brewblox. I never did get it to work but everything appears to be working. It says no such device or address ‘/dev/ttyACM0’.

Updating the firmware over serial tends to hiccup at the moment. We’re looking at a fix.
The latest version is still compatible, but you can upgrade using brewblox-ctl flash in the terminal.

That worked, thanks.