Building glycoll, help with settings and pump switch on spar 4

i have 2 fermenter a glycol setup and my first problem is i want to switch a pump on when one fermenter needs cooling, and if no fermenter is on i want to open a bypass valve that only glycole tank is cooled if needed.
cant figure out how to design it.
does it need the glycol temperatur ?
is it possible to use the pins like a switch or only with an ssr ?
by the way my temp sensors have lon cables and are working fine.
the other question is: are my settings on the pid controller fine or Kp should be negativ because it should be cooling.
thanks for helping and great work its fantastic thats possible change pins and use more for ampers
good work
greetings from Bolivia
Fermenter 1 Cool PID.json (1.3 KB)

brewblox-blocks-spark-one.json (3.2 KB)

Kp for a cooling PID is always negative.

This can be solved using two Logic Actuator blocks. One for the pump, with a|b logic, and one for the valve with !(a|b) logic.

cool thanks for fast answers
pid on -20 or how much ?
and for switching a switch who it actuating a pump is it possible use the module as switch and in which mode ? or only with a relay?
thanks a lot

sorry more questions
for what is the analog actuater (mock)

and my spark dont want to let me show the actuater on the display.

strange is that on the dashboard the actuater is on but on the spark not without constrains added.
then i reset and it is on but all the sensors gone.

and after creating the actuater for the bypass i cant choose a pins on the modul.
also when i create a new block there is no for a selenoid valve.
whiche one can i use
i need 2 pins for 1,3 amps +

did an other reset now it works
temp sensors and actuater

Testing, and it can be used in combination with the Logic Actuator. It’s probably not useful to you.

No, right now the display does not support digital actuators.

Do you have multiple Spark services? This problem can happen when one of them does not have --device-id set.

You can create new channels in the OneWire GPIO Module block settings. For 1.3A you need to multiply the channel so it uses 4 pins.

Ok thanks for helping.
I thaught every pin has 1 amp…

Looks like i scrambled something up.
The actuator for bypass is now driving the fermenter cooling actuater.
But on the digital actuater target i only can choose fermenter 1 cool actuater.
Sorry for so much questions. On a weekend even.

The target is whatever should change if the comparison is true. This is not the cool actuator, but the bypass valve. You’ll need to add a new actuator for this.

Every + pin has 1 amp, so you need 2 + and 2 - pins.

ok thanks
yes i use external minus so there is more free pins

so for example if i want to put a manual switch after the output of the pins
is it dangerous for the spark because 12 volt coming from the other side or is it better to use a 3 way switch so spark is not conected if i aplay external 12 volt for fast switching.

sorry i didnt get why i need add one more actuator and how he needs to actuate ?

The bypass valve needs its own actuator.

12V incoming on the Spark pins is not a good idea. At best it’ll trigger an error state.

You could use 12V to one side of the the pump and use the Io board as a low side switch to GND. Then the Io module or an external switch could be the path to GND.

the pump is built in in a chiller and has her own relay in the chiller.
so i just need a switch just closing a circuit, but dont know which fuction will do it on the module
maybe mecanical relay?
and iam still strugeling with the bypass.
maybe could explain how i should programm the logic actuater and how i can give him a pin on the module.
thanks for great support even for dummies.
so all this work for 2 fementers ,pump and bypass makes one spark with an extra module.
so if i want automate also mashing on propane with 3 selenoid valvs for the propane you would recomend an other spark or one more module?
thankx for answering so much questions.
when its ready will send you some fotos.

ok got it Bypass is running
thanks and sorry for to much questions.
fermenting my first lager…

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but there is still the case that the fermenter actuater is on
bypass is off
but only on my dashboard on the spark the fermenter is not open happens not always but dont know
there is no mutex no constrains
but when the actuater is on it should be on, on the spark also ?
strange i built in for every process a controll light so its easy to see whats happening.

ok ok ok
did a reset then all sensors where gone but the pins working
and then i did descover new one wire blocks then sensors where there again.
could it be thats something to do with the wifi ? signal is good
or is it better conect raspi with spark with cabel and conect the spark with a lan cabel to the net ?

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Could you please run brewblox-ctl log?