Burned 1 output, now none of them work

I miswired one output, and when I turned it on with 12 v running to the board, the output fried, and now none of them work. When I put the board into test mode I can turn on 3 of the 5 outputs, but it appears they don’t actually flow any power. Trying to turn on 2 of the outputs (from bottom left on the test screen, output 2 and 3) they will either flicker on (showing some actual power output, a LED goes on) or come on for a second and then turn off, without powering the LED in using to test. There is a visible burn mark on the trace next to IC-10, and I ordered a replacement board overnighted to me, as I have a beer in the tank right now. I would like to be able to have this beer properly chilled it’s whole life, I’ve got 26oz of hops in this thing already, is there ANYTHING I can do to get 2 outputs working? Can I jumper IC-10 out of the loop, and just not use that output? It’s tiny but I think I could solder a jumper over it.

How did you miswire it? What was connected to it?
Did you put 12V on the output?

Got a photo of the damage?

I wired the 12V SSR incorrectly, with the 12V positive going into the negative, and the load positive going into the positive (both on the load side) and then reversed the relay inputs also. Just a total failure.

I was able to get 1 output on the top of the spark working, so I have heating currently and I can use the outside air as my fridge, so my beer will be ok which is great.
I do have a photo:

I wonder, once I get my new spark (ordered it overnight) can I have this one repaired?

If you just reversed the polarity of the out side of the SSR, that should not damage the spark. SSR are usually optically isolated between input and output.

I can check if it is repairable, but it is not certain the damage stopped at that component, especially if you put a high voltage on the board externally.

First step would be to remove the damaged component and see what the rest of the board does without it.

3/5 of the other outputs are being weird, but that may have been my fault as I was looking for an output that worked and maybe testing with something that was breaking the outputs as I moved it. I didn’t have 5V inside my box previously, now the spark is wired with 5V instead of 12V, after this error. If it’s broken that’s fine, if I could get it looked at once I have the new one that would be great, I would like some kind of redundancy in-case I do something stupid like this again, don’t plan on it, but it’s nice to guard against.

5V to the DC jack or powered over USB?
5V to the DC jack is too low, the minimum is 7V.

Yes, 5V through the USB cord.

FedEx was a bit later due to lots of snow. Hopefully you will still receive it tomorrow.

Luckily it’s cold enough in the awning next to my front door that I can get by with just a heater on the bottom of the fermentor, so if it doesn’t make it tomorrow that’s ok! I’ve got 3 days until I need the chiller, but thank you for rushing it to me!