Cable and plug between SSR and BrewPi?

I’m trying to find out where to buy the plugs to use for the connection between the SSR and the BrewPi, ie the ones going into the 6 “green pins”… Basically I have the SSR and the BrewPi but I dont have anything to connect them and are looking at what to buy to create the cable myself…

I’m also wondering what dimension the cable shoud be… Can I use 1.5 mm2 or is that “overkill”…?

Your BrewPi should have shipped with the connectors to plug into the green terminals.
For the cable, basically anything will do, it is only 20 mA. On the SSR side, some cable lugs could be handy.

Thanks for your reply! Found them, just had to be reminded to have a look :blush:

I did some googling and believe they are called “terminal block connectors” in case anyone need to buy some more…