Calibrate Temperature Sensors

Hi There

My temp sensors are out of whack. Can you please give me a clue as to how to offset them?

I am an arduino noob, but have been working with Linux (Sys Admin) for many years, so just need a push in the right direction.

I would be happy to document it for you as well once I know how to do it.


The Arduino already supports the commands to set the serial offset. I have been working on adding buttons in the device manager, but have not finished yet.

There is some documentation here:

Thanks Elco

Will give it a go

Hi Elco

Where do I run those commands? I’m guessing I need an arduino interface of some sort. Can you point me toward a tool or documentation?

I run Linux and Mac.


Do I just talk directly to the serial port from a python shell?

Just to add that the temperature sensors are calibrated at the factory against a NIST traceable platinum RTD. Unless you have very accurate equipment it’s probably a good idea to leave well alone unless you see there’s a specific problem.

When calibrating the sensors with brewpi you should turn off filtering as much as possible, as this will interfere with the displayed value and the actual value.

Thanks Mdma

Unfortunately they are differing heavily, so there is a specific problem.


Any chance the sensor calibration will make it into the UI?
How/where to run the serial commands?
And how does one “turn off filtering”?


@Elco, where can I find the new link. The original one is broken. Is there I way to develop I webUI to to this?


Fabiano da Mata