Can old BrewPi temp. sensors be used with BrewSpark?

Assuming that I can put the RJ12 connectors on the ends of my “old” sensors. If the answer is yes what wires go on which pins in the RJ12?
My Spark has shipped and I am anxious to start my conversion from my older system.

Yes, you’ll be able to reuse them. I have a crimp tool for attaching the cables that you can use. I need to buy some RJ12 connectors though. I have planned on making an adapter to get to the M12 connectors the brewtroller sensors use.

Cool, I also have the crimper too just need some RJ12 connectors and some flat 6 conductor cable. We can tag up next week when we have our hardware and talk plans. However before I can go much further on my updates I will need the modules for the valves and for the SSRs to complete my conversion.

Assuming the above is correct if I remember correctly the previous BrewPi temp. sensors had 3 wires and the RJ12 has 6 wires (pins). So what is the correct RJ12 connection map for the old sensors?
Thanks in advance.

You can use an RJ11 plug (they are compatible with RJ12 sockets).

Here is a closeup of the plug on a sensor.
Bottom pin is data, middle is GND, third is 5V. fourth pin is not used.

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Thanks so much for your time and support. One quick follow up, since I have already bought 100 RJ12’s, does that add 1 pin above and below the above configuration? If so I have got it and thanks again!

Yes, no problem.
RS-485 is on the outer pins.

  1. RS485 A
  2. 12V
  3. 5V
  4. GND
  5. OneWire
  6. RS-485 B

Follow up, just ordered the Spark 3’s so getting ready for the rewiring. Since I am rewiring the original one wire sensors, three wire to RJ12 connectors are the sensors 5 volts or 12 volts?
Looking forward to brewing again.

Never mind I found the answer, thanks.

5V. The 12V is for future use.