Can read temperature from sensor


I hope someone can help.

My threaded onewire temperature sensor broke recently, after unscrewing/screwing the wire from it for a couple of years. Please see attached picture below. After I plugged in another one, it cannot read out the temperature on any of the five inputs, and I have tried with a couple of different temperature sensors. I am afraid that when the first temperature sensor broke it might have short-circuited and damaged something inside the brewpi 3. I have measured, inside the brewpi, the supply voltage it puts on the pin to the sensor, and it reads 5V, so that is fine, but I am afraid something happen to the data input.
Is there a way to troubleshoot this?

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If any one sensor is broken, all sensors on the bus will fail to read. Are the sensors readable if you plug them in one by one?

Sorry, didn’t make myself clear. Since I’m using the unit for mashing, I’m only using one sensor at a time. But I tried with 3 different, one at a time, and no reading.

In that case it is likely that the onewire master chip is damaged.
If you cannot discover any sensor, plugged in one at a time, then the only fix is removing and resoldering the bus master.

Which of the parts is the bus master on the PCB? Can I buy the spare part from you, or is it a standard component I can get from an online electronic store?

This is the schematic. The bus master is the small 6-pin chip near the big resistor marked 620.
The DS2482 is a SOT-6 package, for example, available at Digikey:

Are you able to solder that yourself?

Thanks Elco.

Yes I can solder that myself. I will order the part right away, and let you know if it worked :slight_smile: