Can someone help with wiring a relay shield?

I am setting up a second Arduino, but this one is using a Seeed Studio Relay Switch v 2.0. I am having problems with the wiring of the temp sensors though. I am not knowledgeable about the wiring of these devices. I have always had a diagram to work from. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

thats a very broad question.

the temp sensors dont need to go through the relays,

one pin gets wired to 5v one pin to gnd and one pin to the data on the arduino.

I’ll try doing that then. My original Brewpi uses a Sainsmart 2 channel relay and was wired as below. I didn’t know where to tie the temp sensors in due to the new relay sitting directly on top of the Arduino. Thank you for the help.

do you mean that you just didnt know how to plug it all in because the shield is ontop the arduino… because it shouldnt change the wiring, unless the shield is using the same pin that the onewire is using.

Yeah it looks like you’d still use A4 for the temp probes as the pins go straight through but I’ve got no idea which pins the relay hot and cold pins would go to.