Can Spark & Arduino be combined for my Brew upgrade plan?

A little background info to help paint a picture of my overall intent / setup. I inherited a SABCO setup with kettle, 2x Fermenters, and Chill Wizard. I want to upgrade my setup and have it be similar to the Brewbot 2.0 - for the control box and LCD display for the fact it is compact space wise. My Fermenters have been sitting in a semi-enclosed chamber based on the “Son of a fermenter” - which I had to modify to accommodate full size Kegs. I am going to upgrade / build a new setup like this one: to replace the pink box chamber. I have 3x TopTier Blichmann burners. I have not purchased the HLT and Mash yet, suggestions? Stout?

So as of right now from some writing I read the Spark v3 is coming out soon, so I can use that with the Rasp Pi v3 B w/32gb SSD. I have a Synology NAS and want to maybe setup the webserver on that instead of the Pi?

The main question is can I use the Arduino w/ the Spark for the fermenters? Will either the Spark or Arduino help with the future plans for turning the gas / wort pumps on and off? Or is it just the fermentation at this point?

I was looking at this: and think it might be a work around but was looking for insite -

Will the “Vktech 5pcs 2M Waterproof Digital Temperature Temp Sensor Probe DS18b20” work w/ the Pi just fine? I read something about certain kinds don’t and I don’t know if they are or not - sorry Noob here.

Here is the Gas setup or similar that I’m also putting together - for controlling the burners.

Just looking for insight and or maybe I missed something equipment wise or I forgot to consider stuff. I know Brew Pi said they were doing some great software updates which is inline with exactly I want to do also.

I would really appreciate any pointers, direction or once I get it all setup and built, help provide feedback when I can…


I would not use Arduino, at least not running BrewPi. The software has evolved much since our Arduino days.

Regarding the brewbot setup, I think you mainly like the wall box and the large display. This does not have much to do with the controller (arduino, spark or otherwise).

I would order the sensors from our store, because they are truly high temp and water proof. They are waterproofed with epoxy and have silicone cables, not a bit of shrink wrap.

For your fermenters, you’ll probably want the wall mounted version:

Yes. The spark can do this. I have done many brews where the spark controlled mashing. It is not officially supported, because the controller will still say ‘fridge’ instead of HLT, but he algorithms for temp control work well. We’ll improve this in the future.

About controlling gas solenoids: BrewPi can drive a solenoid to turn your gas on and off. It can also drive this with PWM, for example, turn it on and off every 10 seconds with the on/off ratio depending on how far you are from the setpoint.
I have no experience with this, I just know that the Spark can supply that ON/OFF signal.

But my question is also: why gas? An electrical setup will be easier to build and control.

Regarding glycol for fermentation: the easiest way to do this is to use an immersible pump and let the Spark turn it on and off periodically. I do this at home to keep my beer within 0.1 degree of setpoint.

Regarding the the big display/box etc:

I would:

  • Run the brewpi server on your Synology NAS. We will provide a docker image to do this soon (is already being tested)
  • Build a control panel that houses your SSRs and the BrewPi Spark
  • Use a cheap tablet to show the web interface and be your large display

We’re still working on build guides to help you make decisions like this. I’m moving to a bigger house with my gf in 3.5 months and have room to upgrade my own brewery. Then I can make a lot of new photos of the process.
This will involve:

  • 10 kW 3-phase heating elements
  • Fully motorized ball valve closed system
  • Glycol fermentation control

I currently already have number 2 and 3, but my brewery is so small that it is hard to make good photos of it.