Cannot connect photon to wifi

I have tried via the cli and the ios app, everytime it seems to fail at the verifying ownership part, then just tells me it cannot continue. I have the pressed the setup button for 10seconds, till the blue is flashing rapidly. Then it flashes green pretty fast, then wait a bit, press the button till its in set up mode again, same thing.

Any ideas? I have read through the particle forum and most people with similar issue seem to have had their device replaced and then said they never had any more issues…

The veryfing ownership part failing is normal. This is because we do not make a cloud connection to Particle.
In the next release, I’ll include the cloud code just so this doesn’t confuse people.

Even though it doesn’t connect to the particle cloud, it still connects to WiFI and shows that it gets an IP address on the display. The LED should be breathing green.

OK, will try again when I get home tonight. sorry for not reading fully.

FYI this is resolved now, mixture of me not reading properly and my power line being crappy again. All working now and brewpi connecting to raspberry pi via wifi :smiley: