Cant reach the spark over wifi

Hi there, had to redo the install/setup of the brewblox as I was adding two different onewire sensors (i know there must be an easier way that re-installing!) Anyway now the spark service connects over USB but when I pull out the USB cable and leave it on wifi connectivity the service hangs on “Service not connected to controller”. If i plug the USB back in, it connects and syncs almost immediately.
I cannot see if the spark is connected to the corect wifi SSID (I have 2). Can you check out the logs and maybe give me some pointers please?


Plug it in on USB, go to the spark page and use the top right menu to send new WiFi credentials.

If successful, the led will turn green or cyan and the up address will be shown on the display.

OneWire temp sensors have a “swap” action to easily use a different address if you are replacing the physical sensor.

If your Spark is showing an IP address, you can use the Fing app to scan both of your networks, to find out which one it’s using.

To discover devices, you can run

brewblox-ctl add-spark -f --name spark-one

It will check both USB and Wifi, and list whatever it finds.

Ok thanks - i’ll check that out. How does the onewire “swap” action work in practice?


Onewire temp sensor blocks have an address field: the address of the physical device on the onewire bus.

To swap:
Plug in the new sensor.
go to the spark service page
In the page actions (top right), click on “discover new onewire devices”. You’ll get a popup listing new devices.

If your new sensor has been plugged in for a while, it may already have been discovered. Either way, it will be called New|TempSensorOneWire-X where X is a number.

Find and select the block for the new sensor by clicking on the name in the list of blocks on the left.

Verify you selected the right one by unplugging the sensor for a few seconds. The block should now display a warning about not being connected.

In the block, go to the actions button (block toolbar top right), and select “swap sensor”. Pick the name of the sensor you want to replace, and confirm.