Can't reach the web interface


I followed all steps for Docker and BrewPi on Windows. Now im stuck with step 6. With the comand: docker-machine ip my IP is listed as

But when i try to open the webinterface over the browser with this adresse, it simply says: “can’t reach this page”

Don’t know where my problem is, would be glad for your help.

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is the docker container up and running?
Check with: docker ps -a

Please note that on windows, if you want to use USB inside the docker container, you also need to give the docker-machine VM access to the specific serial devices.

Wow, support at this time, amazing!

Checked with your comand, i get this image:

Can‘t figure it out, still no acess on the web interface

Ok, container seems online, but only since one minute.
Did you just start it or is it restarting continuously?

Any useful output in the following?:

docker logs brewpi

I just startet it, its now running for 17h.

With your comand, this is the new output:

Seems fine to me, but no chance to reach the web interface over the browser woth the IP

Are you really sure you have no errors in the IP address?
What about

I‘am, tried everthing, always this message:

Even with :80 or :9000 ending the same message

Now one a idea? :slight_smile: im feeling really stupid right now :see_no_evil:

Read the IP address in your log again. I think you may have switched the last two groups of numbers!

So NOT but

Try that and let me know!

Sorry that was my tipo, still no connection. A friend of mine (system-enginer) is trying to conect me. No chance at all… somehow everything runs, except i cant conect to the webinterface over the browser with the IP

Okey i got it, at least for my pc:

Edge -> won’t work
IE -> won’t work
safari -> won’t work
chrome -> won‘t work

The only browers that works is firefox… really special, can‘t explain why. Thanks for all your support. The web interface is now running, more tomorow :+1:

This seems like a problem with docker in general, or even your networking.

What happens if you only start the brewpi container and not portainer?

Will try that next week, at the moment it works quit good, realy nice work with the brewpi, tested and elaboratet some parameters today to use it in a mashing setup :slight_smile:

It works now really well, thanks elco.
I used it for mashing, get me a nice temperature controll:

Last question. Can and if, how i save the data logs as a excel format? Would be really cool if this would actually be possible.