Can't Seem To Get Script Running On Spark v3

I just received my new BPvS3 today and am struggling to get/keep the script up and running. It will randomly run the script on occasion, but mostly not. I am a total noob when it comes to all things RasPi, so take that into account. Is there a setting in a file that needs to be changed? Thanks!

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Hi Andrew,

Which guide did you use to install? Did you install with docker?
Does the log file show errors?


I installed via SSH in Mac OS X Terminal based on the instructions here…

Everything seemed to install/update properly. I know that probably doesn’t mean much.

We’re moving our new install process to use Docker. You can run the docker container on the raspberry pi or on OSX.

Were moving the instructions and documentation to:

You might want to give that a shot.

But, considering you have already set up the old fashioned way, the bug you encounter is because of a timeout in the web server that only seems to affect Safari. It can be fixed by changing a value in the apache config on the pi.

In /etc/apache2/apache2.conf, if you change the KeepAliveTimeout from 5 to 99, the problem goes away.

KeepAliveTimeout 99

It’s funny, I came across that fix in my searching for a remedy and that hasn’t worked for me either.

I re-flashed with Docker and followed the steps in the link you provided and all seems to be well! Now I just need to get acquainted with the interface, controls, and settings. Thanks!

I’m all up and running except for one thing. My Raspberry Pi is connected over wired LAN network. What is the procedure to get RasPi to connect to my home WiFi network? Is that something I can do inside Portainer?

That is something you should do on the host.
ssh into the raspberry pi:

ssh pirate@ (password hypriot)

Then edit the file /boot/device-init.yaml:

hostname: black-pearl
      ssid: "MyNetwork"
      password: "secret_password"

That did the trick. All set. Thanks!