Chamber fan function - not working?

I’m running the lastest BrewPi 0.4.2 Fw on a photon.
Installation and PID pretests with water on my 150L conical went well.
So fare everything smooth, the only thing I’am struggeling is the chamber fan.
My intention was to use the chamber fan function for my cooler pump.
I’m using a 1-Wire SSR for the pump.
If the device function is set to manual actuator I can turn on and off the ssr (pump).
When using chamber fan as the device function the ssr is not activating,
I tried inverted and non inverted.
In the device configuration tab update with read values activated will not show any “Value …” when selecting chamber fan function.

Is this a bug or is it just me beeing stupid? :wink:


The chamber fan function is not availabe in the 0.4 firmware. I need to remove it from the web interface. It is not you.

I don’t think the chamber fan, like it was coded in 0.2.10, is a good idea. If we bring it back, we will code it differently, for example: enable the fan when cooling AND 10 minutes afterwards. Or enable the fan for a minute every 10 minutes.

Stopping right after cooling is a bad idea.

So, I have a decent commercial GDM-10 and the compressor can be literally unplugged from the system and popped right into the SSR, leaving the fan to run independently. I work in a small office and the fan is pretty loud - I was hoping to control the fan via brewPi, at least in an on/off kind of config during/in-between fermentation but it sounds like I will need to wait - just to confirm, is that the case? No fan control whatsoever as of the .4x release?

Setting it to “manual actuator” works great, but its a bit cludgy to control. Any chance of exposing the manual actuator control to the LCD screen until the fan algorithm is worked out?

Using the SSR in Manual Mode is working. I was only wondering if I made a mistake during installation.
Manual control is anyhow my preferred way for my conical cooling water pump. When I open the manual shutoff valve in the cooling loop I turn on the pump and when fermentation/cold storage is over I turn off my pump/ close valve,
Cheers, Andy