Change LCD Values

Hi all
Since I used the genious brewpi Hard&Software for another purpose (incubator for BeeQueen breeding), I want to change the values in the LCD display.


Can someone tell me which files I need to customize?

Here is the link to my project if anyone is interested: => Beginning => Update without brewpi => Now with brewpi Hard&Software and PID :slight_smile:

If I could now additionally measure the humidity and display it in the graphic and LCD it would be even more perfect: -)


Is there really no one who can answer this question?

That LCD display has been removed in the latest version of the web interface. The values are now just displayed in the header, without looking like the LCD display. This is because the LCD display was only used for Arduino, which we don’t support anymore.

Hi Elco

Thank you for the information! Any hint which file i have to change?