Changing temp units from C to F in BrewBlox

I just installed BrewBlox, so I’m probably missing something obvious.

Where can I change the temperature units from Celsius to Fahrenheit?


Actions in the top right, then Units :slight_smile:

Additionally, there is a separate setting in the DisplaySettings widget for the temperature unit on the Spark’s screen.

I looked there, all I have under the Actions menu are New Widget, Toggle Default Dashboard, Change Dashboard ID, Change Dashboard Tile, Delete Dashboard.

The Actions button he refers to can be found in the Spark service page, at the top right of the page itself.

Thanks, found it!

The units on the ferment graph aren’t changing over and for some reason the temp values stopped from being graphed.

I did just set a ferment temp profile, so I’m not sure if that had an effect.

If there’s some docs on the UI that I should be looking at, my apologies for the newbie questions.

No, we change things pretty quickly, so we only keep the docs we’re willing to update every second week.

Values are published to the history database as “value[unit]” (eg: setpoint/value[degC]) because otherwise it’d get really weird.

The wizard configures the graph with your current temperature preference.
If you haven’t made any big changes to the fermentation setup, it may be easiest to delete the dashboard, clear all blocks on the Spark (spark actions again), and then re-run the wizard.

If you’d rather not do that: you can go into the graph settings, and you’ll see “value[degF]” options appear next to the selected “value[degC]”.