Changing wiring from old hacked fridge to new fridge

A friend hacked an old fridge for me but the insulation is bad and my 60W heater won’t hold 20 degrees when it’s cold in the shed overnight. So I bought a smaller, newer fridge.

Can the commmunity please help me through a change in the wiring to the new fridge? I should be OK for the heater; it’s just the fridge that is confusing me.

This is the old fridge wiring.

And this is the new fridge.

My old fridge has two wires coming from the compressor - a yellow green and a brown. I expect that I need to know

  1. which yellow green and brown do I take from the new fridge and connect it with the plug and SSR respectively.
  2. And which wires should I disconnect and/or leave alone from the new fridge?

Thanks a lot for your help.


Green/yellow is grounding for safety, don’t mess with it. Brown is live and the wire that should be switched by the SSR.

But if you don’t know these basics, play it safe and ask an electrician to help.

I can see that it’s brown on the current fridge which connects to the SSR. What I can’t see from the pictures in the fridge hacking guide is which brown I should take from the compressor and connect to the SSR.

I’d like to try and do the wiring myself and then check with an electrician before connecting it to power. Otherwise I feel I’ll never learn some basics myself.