Check on performance

Hi can someone verify if my performace looks ok?

Just had a little concern regarding the dip between 18:00 and 19:00 when starting to bring temperature down for the day 1.5 in the profile. Should the temperature not hold a little closer to beer setting.

Im only testing this with water in the fermenter at the moment.


Your beer temperature dropped much quicker than your fridge air temperature. This is strange.
Do you maybe have your sensors swapped?

Hi Elco

See below for configuration, the probe connected to Device slot 0 is definitely going into my thermowell in the fermenter.

Are you aware that those slots are just virtual? It has nothing to do with in which hardware socket you plugged them. They are identified by address, not by slot. The slot is just ‘where do you want to save this configuration’.

Ok wasn’t aware of that, so are you saying if I then swap which socket they are plugged into this should fix the problem. Or do I need to reconfigure the devices?

No I was saying that the slot doesn’t matter!
Set the function of both to None and apply. Then set the function again but swapped.

Ok I’ve done that will test out and see how it looks, thanks again Elco.