Checklist widget

I have a wish for a checklist widget, to help me check that I have remember things.

Where I could add what ever I want, f ex:

Added grains
Measured water adjustments

With a checkbox to select when done before every brew.


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Do you want this to be a separate widget, or part of the Session Log widget?

As separate widget it’d be something you use/reset at will. Integration with session log would mean it’s coupled tighter with individual brews.

We may end up doing both or either. It’s not too much work once we settle on a feature set.


My thought was a seperate widget. I’m not into session log (yet). Check/uncheck all(when done) was what I wish for (and maybe a “have a nice brew day” when everything is checked :stuck_out_tongue: )

Maybe you could take inspiration from Brewer’s Friend, they have a web based brew day checklist.

Another application named is also a solution if you want a kind of brewing journal including recipes etc.

When it comes to brewing journal/recipes sofware there is only one for me, and his name is Brewfather :heart:

What I want from a checklist is to go through the list(my own customized list)before a brew day and press check when each step on list is done :sunglasses: just for myself, to check if I have remember everything in brew day preperations.

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It’s unlikely we’d pre-fill a checklist. We’ve intentionally kept the software suitable for generic system control. If you want to use brewblox to manage your central heating, yeast incubator, terrarium, or bedroom humidity, you should be able to do so.

We are working on ways to share data from and to apps like Brewfather. Importing a to-do list would fall under that category.

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