Chiller Temp Control

Ok so I didn’t expect this to work first try. but I got really close. im a hardware guy. not as much a software guy. but im trying to read and learn as much as I can so I appologize for the gazillion questions!!

I set up a chill pid and and got everything going to so that when im transferring to my Connical the pump will control its speed to drop the temperature. the problem is the software thinks the pump is pushing cold fluid from glycol (speeds up to chill which causes it to be hotter) when in realty its pushing hot fluid. should I have set up a different pid? is this even possible?


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I think you should use a positive Kp here.
Reverse your thinking, the pump’s goal is to raise the output temperature.
So if the output temperature is too low, it should go faster.

PS, you don’t need to go through the hassle to do an EEPROM dump every time, this is only needed for very specific bugs. We’ll ask you if we need it.

This def worked. I’m going to let it run for awhile. I might need to make some adjustments on the pid. But it’s def working. This was worth the switch all by itself!!!

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Ok. Sooooo I fired things up todo to get ready for brew day tomorrow. And my chiller pid won’t shut off my pump. Even when disabling the pid. It keeps my pump running at the 30% constraint that that I have on it!!

I have the 30% so that wort is always flowing through the chiller!!

Also for tuning. What would u want to see in a graph and other info. I will run all of that tomorrow during the chill step!!!

You can explicitly disable the actuator driving the pump. You can also add the enable/disable to your existing Quick Actions widget.

Typically, for tuning, we’re interested in the block graphs of the PID blocks.