Cold crashing question - does brewpi do a slow or fast ramp?

Hi all, apologies in advance if this is covered somewhere and I missed it.

I’m doing a pilsner recipe from HBT:

And he calls for this fermentation schedule:

6 days @ 50F
5 days @ 54F
2 weeks @ 66F (includes diacetyl rest + warm conditioning + carbonation time)
Lager for 2 months @ 35F

So, I set up the following:

That led to this graph:

What I’ve done is the past for lagers is put in (for this example) a day 26.4 at 66 and a day 7.4 at 50, which then keeps a nice even 66 throughout the two weeks he calls for and a nice even 50 for the six days… According to the graph.

But my question is, do I need to do that? Will the algorithm wait and start cooling right before the set point to 35 or will it really slowly ramp down like the graph shows?

Oh, here’s the brew in question with the brewpi / GDM-12 setup and you can sort of see a cat reflected in the glass. The reflection was better from higher up, but I figured I’d show the fusti fermenter too. So there’s some fermentation chamber porn to help with getting an answer!

Those other beers will have to be moved since we’re off lager temps now. :smile:

The beer is going to exactly follow those slopes you have setup. If you want the temp stable for any period you need to set that temp at the beginning and then set that temp again at the end.

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Yep. For example, if you put 50 at day 5, and 60 at day 10, it will ramp between 50 and 60 over that period in a linear fashion.

So, if you want it to stay at 50 between day 5 and day 10, do 50 for day 5, 50 for day 10, and then 60 for day 11. If you do this, the temp will rise between 50 and 60 over a 1 day period (between day 10 and 11).