Cold Room Thought

I’m thinking about building a cold room, small, maybe 8x8x8. Been looking at the CoolBot. After looking on how it works, am I wrong to think your controller might be up to this task ?? Seems like it might. coolbot

Here is what it does…

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The Spark can control the actual cooler just as well, but the approach is somewhat different.

Going by the manual, CoolBot controls temperature by putting a small heating element against the AC temp sensor. Brewblox typically requires you to bypass thermostats, and re-route wiring to the controller.

CoolBot is likely somewhat simpler to set up, and less invasive if you want to later revert to the stock thermostat of your cooler.

Brewblox offers better tuning, configuration, and advanced control. If you already use it to control something else, you can add the relevant dashboards to the same UI.

Both are equally viable. The difference is mostly found in how reversible or configurable you want your build to be.

The trick they apply is very interesting though and should work with BrewBlox too.

If you set up a cooler in Brewblox, that is actually driving a heater for the temp sensor of your air conditioner, you should be able to do the same.

It might be a bit tricky to dial in, but it’s a pretty smart way to avoid modifying the AC unit!